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Kalfa Asist

With Kalfa Asist, your taxpayers' documents are processed with artificial intelligence support. It is automatically added to the accounting software you use with KALFA OCR.

These documents added to the accounting software are automatically processed with machine learning technology. Ledgers such as Trial Balance and Participation are created automatically.

Artificial intelligence-supported audits are carried out on the resulting ledgers. As a result of the examinations, if there are any faulty areas, a warning is generated. After the necessary arrangements are made, your Kalfa will check all your records and statements and contact you.


With Kalfa Expert, you can get fast and accurate answers to your questions about constantly updated regulations such as legislation, laws and regulations.

When you submit your questions via Kalfa Portal, the answers given by our experts are sent to you via notification and e-mail.

Kalfa Complementary Services

All services that your taxpayers need and that you cannot offer

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You can receive service in nearly 400 areas with System Global Consultancy Assurance.